Technology, Tips Lead Lexington Police to Prostitutes

As alleged prostitutes have taken to the Internet to advertise their services, police say it’s become easier to use that same technology to track them down.

The arrest last Friday of was the fourth time in since last June the has arrested a person or persons on prostitution related charges.

While the arrests made last June and July, and in January of this year, were of alleged prostitutes staying for a while in rented apartments or hotel rooms, last week’s charges were brought against women working out of businesses here in town.

Prostitution arrests are not particularly common in Lexington, and the four incidences, which resulted in the arrest of seven individuals, are not necessarily an indicator of increased vice activity, according to police. Rather, police said, as alleged prostitutes have taken to the Internet to advertise their services, it’s become easier to use that same technology to track them down.

“It comes in different forms, from the massage parlor-type businesses to people getting hotel rooms and actively advertising," said Lt. Det. Michael McLean. "Although we have limited resources, the will do everything in our power to investigate vice and illegal activity, to arrest the perpetrators and stop the activity. Why we’ve had a little more success is because technology has gotten better in terms of being able to track things down through an officer sitting at a laptop."

Indeed, in each of the four stings since last June, police have noted finding the alleged prostitutes advertising their services on websites like craigslist and backpage.com.

That’s not to say the online ads were the only indicator. Last week’s arrests came after citizen complaints and information from another agency, and the was precipitated by a tip from a hotel employee who reported an unusual amount of traffic in and out of one room.

“We take these things seriously and we do what we can to deal with it,” said McLean. “[Prostitution] is a statewide problem as well, and departments have been very good sharing information with each other and dealing with these problems.”

According to McLean, the police department has limited resources to look into vice activities, and can only be successful with the cooperation of the public. Anyone with any information about potential illegal activities can email mmclean@lexingtonma.gov or PoliceInfo@lexingtonma.gov.

Information in this report was provided by the Lexington Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

Gordon J. June 13, 2012 at 10:00 AM
The 2 amp's existed for 6 and 9 months respectively, so it was only a matter of time they were caught. I wonder why it even took this long for LPD to get motivated & act but when LPD did, I must commend their swiftness & thoroughness. LPD didn't fool around & I think sent a strong message to those involved & anyone who might think of opening another 1 in Lex. or nearby border towns, Belmont & Waltham. A job well done by the LE involved! Let these amps relocate to downtown Boston or other metropolitan & downtrodden areas, & try their luck in earning that "fast money." We don't need or like amp's here, now or ever, in my h.o.. I think many would agree. I only hope, that LPD continues 2 put pressure on the amps & others who attempt to bring prostitution to Lex., & that it's not a case of "arrest a few now & new ladies take their place, " & new crop goes unnoticed & untouched by LPD for 6 mos. If LPD r going to start this, they must b dilligent & persistent now & in the future, & keep up the fight, or it will all b for naught. LPD has made a big dent with these 4 busts since 6/2011, & have probably scared many, but must continue as faithfully in the future & Waltham & Belmont's LE ought to take a lesson from Lex. & keep their guard up & act equally as swiftly when/if they encounter prostitution, as they r merely a few miles away. I look at the whole gen. area (Middlesex cty. near Lex.) as being off-grounds for this business behavior, not just Lex. itself. Just my opinion.
John Sampson July 03, 2012 at 11:57 AM
At least one of these places was open and back for "business as usual" within a day or two of the bust. Hard to believe that the police don't know that, too.
John Sampson July 03, 2012 at 12:01 PM
Hard to believe that police don't know that at least one of these places was right back in operation within a day or two of the raid with business as usual..They need to focus on the owners if they are serious about stoping this kind of activity.
Gordon J. July 07, 2012 at 04:15 AM
John Sampson, I did email Officer McClean a few days after the bust and told him it was business as usual at these amps, and that online adult review blogs continue to confirm that the prostitution is still available for men in the know. In fact, some of the writers were quite brazen with their details. Off. McClean assured me that they were warned quite firmly to cease this illegal behavior or there will be consecquences. Both amps were also fined heavily. He explained to the owners that LPD will continue to monitor them and do periodic vice checks. So, if you are a patron and they arrive on the scene, YOU WILL BE ASKED FOR IDENTIFICATION, guys! And questioned. Is it really worth it now to go these places!?? Think about it. I agree about the owners aspect, too, John Sampson and I emailed the landlord of the Marrett Rd amp, Joseph Bridge Realty Trust, specifically Mr. Curtin, and asked/implored him to do the right thing and evict his tenants, who are polar opposites virtue/morality-wise than the usual/average tenants (see their list of tenants on their website) that they deal with, surely the one weak-spot of their otherwise normal, "mainstream" list of clientel. It behooves me, and boggles the mind why this Realty Trust firm (located at #442b Marrett, a few buildings away) would want to be associated with a low level brothel, and SO CLOSE! The economy must really be affecting them if they need this rent money THAT BADLY.


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