Two from Lexington Charged in UNH Frat Drug Bust

Their frat, ATO, recently lost its official university recognition for serving an underage girl. Their frat house has allegedly been under investigation for a year as a place of numerous drug transactions.

Two men from Lexington were among frat brothers 11 arrested as part of a drug raid at the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity house near the University of New Hampshire on Sunday monring, according to the Union Leader of New Hampshire.

Luke J. Archer, 20, of Lexington, was among the eight brother arrested on drug charges. He was charged with possession of a controlled drug. Gregory R. Dupree, 21, of Lexington, was one of the brothers arrested for disorderly conduct after allegedly interefering with officers conducting a search of the frat house, the NH pub reported yesterday.

Police told the Union Leader that marijuana, prescriptions and other drugs were confiscated in the raid, which took place at around 6 a.m. Sunday after a lengthy drug investigation centered on the downtown Durham house.

All 11 of the arrested individuals were ATO brothers, according to the paper, which reported about 25 of the fraternity's live in the house where drugs have allgedly been sold on numerous occasions. 

The fraternity lost its official UNH recognition for five years less than a month ago following an underage drinking incident, the paper reported.


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