What Do You Want to Know?

The prostitution? The party? Something else? What’s piqued your interest in the latest police log?


Yes, a headline like, “Police Log: A Prostitution Arrest and a House Party Out of Hand,” piques the interest in these parts.

But I’m wondering which part: Was it the prostitution? The house party? Something else? Please let me know.

No, really. This is my concern.

As your friendly neighborhood Patch editor, what I hope to do is provide the information that matters to you. And so, when you’re interested in something, I want to know what that something is, and how I can give you more of it.  

So, regarding this latest edition of the police log ...

Care about the prostitution? I’ve got a story in the works.

Wondering about after effect from the house party? I’m following up with police and would be more than happy to ask them a few questions on your behalf.

Was it something else? Let me know and I'll look into that, too.

In somewhat related news, we're rolling out a new feature called "You Ask, Patch Answers." As you probably gathered from the name, in this feature we hope to answer whatever questions Lexington residents have about their community.

So don't be afraid to email and share with us all the questions you have about your hometown. We'll do our best to fetch an answer from your town officials and and share that information here on Patch. Fire away.


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