Five Things You Need to Know About Super Tuesday in Lexington

Annual Town Elections, Presidential Primaries, a local candidate and more on Super Tuesday in Lexington.

Lexington officials decided to . They said it could lead to both costs savings and a better voter turnout. Since it's all going down today, March 6, we're devoting this morning's Five Things to the elections.

1. Get Out and Vote: Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. today. For a list of precinct polling locations, click here. If you're unsure about your precinct, this street/precinct map details boundaries effective Dec. 31, 2011. Results are usually trickle in after 9 p.m. and are quickly posted to the town website. 

2. Specimen Ballots: The Town Clerk's Office has posted specimen ballots to its website. You can view those by clicking here. In the annual Town Election, the only contested race for elected office is for , where Greeley Village resident Dan McCabe faces off against Weidong Wang of Reed Street. A few precincts have contested races for Town Meeting members: Precinct Four has eight candidates for seven spots, Precinct Eight has nine candidates for seven spots and Precinct Nine has 10 candidates for seven spots. Another two precincts are short candidates Precinct Three needs nine and only eight are on the ballot and Precinct Seven needs seven and only has six. Here's a look at

3. Presidential Primary: They call this Super Tuesday and primaries in Ohio, Georgia, Massachusetts, Vermont, Virginia, Oklahoma and Tennessee plus caucuses in Idaho, North Dakota and Alaska make today, March 6, the busiest day of the primary season, according to the Huffington Post. While the Republican race gets most of the national pub, there's a local connection to the Green-Rainbow ticket here in Lexington as resident Jill Stein is not only on the ballot, but has . For specimen ballots for the presidential primary, click here.

4. Get to Know the Housing Authority Candidates: During the League of Women Voters Candidates' Night last month, Weidong Wang and Dan McCabe spoke about how McCabe said he could provide the perspective of a resident of a housing village. (To watch an excerpt of his remarks, ) Wang, meanwhile, said he's dialed into the Asian community and could make inroads there as well as within the Housing Authority properties, of which is mother-in-law is a member. (To watch an excerpt of his remarks, .)

5. Sunny but Chilly: Should be sunny today, with a high of about 36, according to the National Weather Service, which predicts a partly cloudy evening with a low of 26.


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