Flu Clinics Coming Up

Upcoming free community clinics will help keep Lexington healthy for the holidays.

The Health Division and Lexington Board of Health are offering a chance for residents to stay healthy for the holidays and get a free flu vaccine at and upcoming community clinic.

The next two clinics, scheduled for Nov. 30 and Dec. 7, will offer free flu shots and flumist to all residents aged 4 and older on a first-come, first-served basis.

Date Location Hours Ages Vaccine Type Wednesday, Nov. 30

Library, 99 Hancock St.

4 to 7 p.m. 4 and older

Flu Shot


Wednesday, Dec. 7 , Media Room, 251 Waltham St. 4 to 7 p.m. 4 and older

Flu Shot


The DPH advises attending residents to wear loose-fitting or short-sleeved clothing in order to receive the flu shot, and to be prepared to wait about 15 minutes afterwards, especially if this is your first time receiving flu vaccine.    

A DPH/Board of Health press release announcing the clinics also provided the following information:

Information on Vaccines

Injectable Flu vaccine (“The flu shot”) The CDC recommends that everyone 6 months and older receive the flu vaccine each year. The flu shot is an “inactivated”, or killed virus vaccine. You can not get the flu from getting a flu shot. Children, pregnant women, those 50 years and older, and those with chronic medical conditions or with compromised immune systems are at increased risk for complications if they get the flu. 

“Flumist” intranasal flu vaccine “Flumist” is a type of flu vaccine that is sprayed up each of one’s nostrils. It provides the same protection against the flu as the flu shot, and without having to receive an injection. Whereas the flu shot is an inactivated, or killed virus vaccine, “Flumist” is a live, weakened flu virus vaccine.  Because of this, one must be between two (2) and forty-nine (49) years of age, healthy and not pregnant. to receive “Flumist”.

Flu Prevention

Although vaccination is the most effective way to prevent getting the flu, there are other methods that may also help you stay healthy this Fall and Winter.

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Cover your cough with a tissue or the inside of your elbow. Throw the tissue out afterward.
  • Try to keep from touching your eyes and mouth with your hands
  • Stay home when you are sick. This will help prevent others from getting ill.

According to the DPH/Board of Health, additional flu clinics will be scheduled for this season as more vaccine becomes available. Regular updates will be posted on the town website.

In addition, you can also visit www.flu.gov and www.mass.gov/flu for more information regarding the flu. For further information, please contact the Office of Community Development, Health Division, David Neylon, Public Health Nurse at 781-862-0500 x 281.


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