Have Questions on Target Proposal? Ask Those Who Know During Live Blog

Burlington Patch will feature a live discussion with Scott Weiss of the Gutierrez Company, the developer behind the proposed Target plan at the Canyon Site near the Burlington-Lexington line, this Thursday at 6 p.m.

The proposed put forward by the Gutierrez Company is one of the hottest issues in Burlington right now, and the proposed mixed-use development replete with big box store has the attention of Lexington residents living near the town line.

The next step for the proposal is a zoning change that will be before Burlington's Town Meeting on May 14. In a recent vote the Burlington .

Burlington Patch has worked hard to bring comprehensive coverage of this story since it and we've carried many stories on the subject (see below). However, we know we can't address every question readers may have. So what we decided to do was invite Gutierrez Project Manager Scott Weiss into a live blog and invite readers to ask their questions directly.

Come to Burlington Patch this Thursday, May 10 from 6 to 7 p.m. to ask your questions on this project, the accompanying and anything else in this first Burlington Patch live question and answer live blog with a leading news-maker. Come to Burlington Patch a little before 6 p.m. this Thursday and click on the live blog, which will be at the top of our home page.

Burlington Patch editor Richard Hosford and Patch staff will choose the best questions and publish them in the chat room for Weiss and his team, who will be logged on in to answer questions.

One ground rule:

We understand this proposal is a hot issue and many readers already have strong feelings about it and have decided where they fall on the decision. I welcome anyone who has a view on this issue to write a letter to the editor and send it to richard.hosford@patch.com and I will share your thoughts on the site.

The idea behind the live blog discussion, however, is geared towards questions and discussion. So we are asking that participants come prepared with questions that will help the overall understanding of fellows readers and the general discussion of the proposal and not simply engage in sending out messages in support of one side or the other. Honestly this has never been an issue on the site, Burlington readers have always been very courteous and informative in our comments section, but we figured we'd throw out the disclaimer just to be clear on what we're hoping to do. 

For background information on the Target proposal check out the stories and letters to the editor we have posted thus far:

  • The Gutierrez Company is looking to sell a piece of land to Target for a new store off of Wheeler Road near Middlesex Turnpike and Route 128.
  • Gutierrez Company reportedly wants to build the big-box store at site off Middlesex Turnpike but hurdles to doing so abound.

We'll see you on Thursday, May 10, at our live blog!


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