Photo Gallery: Senate Candidate Bob Massie Meets Local Dems

Shares why he will challenge Scott Brown.

Senate Candidate Bob Massie talked to town officials and members of the Lexington Democratic Town Committee Wednesday night at Cary Memorial Library.

Despite competing with President Obama's event in Boston, there was a good turnout for the event.

Massie seemed passionate and worldly as he spoke, commenting on his award-winning book and his many health challenges (which gave him opportunity to read every biography about a US President).

Asked why he is running for Senate, Massie said, "I don't think Scott Brown represents the values of Massachusetts. He has flip-flopped on issues and is a follower and caboose, instead of a leader. We need a strong senator to fill the Kennedys' shoes and continue their traditional of strong values, and I believe I represent those things."

Prior to Massie's talk, members of Lexington's Democratic Town Committee took time to update other members on their work in support of Massie's campaign, as well as the Presidential re-election campaign. It was announced that the slogan "I'm in for 44" will be used in support of re-electing President Obama.  The 44 represents that he may be our 44th President.


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