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Recapping Lexington's Nov. 19 Special Town Meeting

A look at the articles, what they asked and the actions taken.

It was a four-hour marathon session that began with the dedication of Margery Milne Battin Hall to the and ended with postponement of an article on electronic voting.

Here's a look at the articles, what they asked and the actions taken at the special Town Meeting held Nov. 19 at Lexington's Cary Memorial Building:

Article 2 – Amend Fiscal 2012 Operating, Enterprise Fund and Community Preservation Budgets

What It Asked:  For voters to permit adjustments to the current fiscal year appropriations of the general fund, enterprise funds and Community Preservation budgets. In practice, the article was split into multiple parts – a contribution to the retirement fund, a $15,000 increase for the budget for property and liability funds and a $200,000 allocation for Hurricane Sandy cleanup and associated costs. David Kanter, a Town Meeting member from Precinct 7, who had previously moved to take up Article 4 prior to 2 and 3, suggested upping the retirement appropriation by $700,000.

What Happened: The first part failed, but the latter two were approved.


Article 3 – Establish and Appropriate to Specified Stabilization Funds

What It Asked: To appropriate sums of money to establish and appropriate stabilization funds for a section 131 zoning bylaw, traffic mitigation, transportation demand management, school bus transportation, special education, the center improvement district, debt service, transportation management overlay district and an Avalon Bay school enrollment mitigation fund.  The first part was to establish capital projects debt stabilization reserve fund with an appropriation of $1.6 million. The funding was made possible by an approximately $3 million budget surpluls thanks to savings from health insurance cost savings associated with the town’s joining the GIC.

What Happened: It passed


Article 4 – Appropriate to Post Employment Insurance Liability Fund

What It Asked: This article was taken up prior to articles 2 and 3. The warrant article sought to appropriate $500,000 to the town’s other post employment insurance liability fund (OPEB).

What Happened: The vote failed.


Article 5 – Estabrook School Access Improvements

What It Asked: or $1.5 million for access improvements in conjunction with the construction of a new elementary school.

What Happened: It was approved.


Article 6 – Appropriate for New Estabrook School

What It Asked: For an additional $2.6 million to cover increased costs associated with the demolition of the existing Estabrook and the construction of a new building.

What Happened: Approved with no discussion.


Article 7 – Appropriate for Authorized Capital Improvements

What It Asked: For funds for capital improvement projects.
What Happened: It was indefinitely postponed.


Article 8 – Approve TIF Agreements

What It Asked: For voters to approve a schedule of incremental tax relief for Vistaprint upon the planned expansion of its Lexington operation at the Ledgemont campus on Hayden Avenue.

What Happened: It was approved. Read more about it here on Patch.


Article 9 – Amend Non-Criminal Disposition Bylaw (Conservation Commission Fine Schedule)

What It Asked: To amend the bylaw to bring the fine schedule into compliance with the state’s.

What Happened: It was approved.


Article 10 – Town Meeting Electronic Voting Bylaw

What It Asked: To amend a town bylaw to permit, as an additional method, electronic casting, recording, display and reporting of votes at Town Meeting

What Happened: Largely because it was taken up after 11 p.m., the electronic voting bylaw was postponed.


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