Wright Farm Letter of Intent Almost Inked

The Selectmen took some time to assure Lexington that they are nearing a position to sign a letter of intent between the Town and the owners of Wright Farm for its sale.


Thursday night at their board meeting, the Selectmen expressed that they have a letter of intent completed between the Ttwn and the .

The major understanding of the night that was recently added to the letter of intent was that the property will not be subjected to any back taxes if purchased by the Town.

A bid to purchase a large portion of the Wright Farm property will go before annual Town Meeting with support from the Board of Selectmen, Conservation Commission and, as of April 20, the Community Preservation Committee.

The parcel not included in the proposed purchase only 43,446 feet, but contains the historic old farm steads.

The Selectmen had a very short discussion about what the land could be potentially used for if Town Meeting approves Article 9, which would authorize the roughly $2.95 million purchase.

A few comments flew back and forth about whether the land would be used primarily for conservation or if it could be used for affordable housing. Selectmen and Town Council, Norman Cohen stated, “I was under the impression it will be used for conservation and not to put houses on.”

According to an April 20 recommendation from the Community Preservation Committee, the Wright Farm would be purchased for open space purposes using Community Preservation Act funds, with a conservation restriction to be put on the land. Earlier that month, the Board of Selectmen voted 4 to 0, with one abstention, in favor of essentially the same proposal.

On Thursday, the selectmen approved the letter of intent and promised that they will have it signed by Town Meeting.


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