Special Town Meeting Set for Nov. 19

Understanding the need for a special fall Town Meeting, the Board of Selectmen passed a motion to hold one on Monday, Nov. 19.


The Board of Selectmen Monday voted to hold a special Town Meeting on Monday, Nov. 19 at Cary Hall. Anticipated warrant articles include fiscal 2013 budget adjustment, Estabrook School road access improvements, a switch to electronic voting at all Town Meetings and Vistaprint’s Tax Increment Financing (TIF) proposal.

It seemed Vistaprint's urging of a TIF proposal tipped the balance in favor of holding a fall Town Meeting for the selectmen, who seemed weary that, if this wasn't voted on soon, Vistaprint may not be able to expand its lot in town, which is currently located at Ledgemont Building #2 at 95 Hayden Avenue.

The board mentioned that Vistaprint hopes to contact Hobbes Brook Management regarding plans to rezone the space at Ledgemont to include a third building, which Vistaprint is interested in expanding into. Not voting promptly on the TIF could lead Vistaprint to invest elsewhere, the selectmen said.

The official warrant articles for the upcoming special fall town meeting aren't yet set in stone. The deadline to get warrant articles in is Thursday, September 27 at 3 p.m.

Check back with Patch for more on the warrant articles in the weeks leading up to the fall Town Meeting.


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