Super Tuesday: Sights and Sounds from the Polls Around Lexington

A car accident, a LHS senior launches a sorta serious last-minute bid for the Board of Selectmen and a few other observations from the polls around Lexington at the outset of Super Tuesday and annual Town Elections.

Updated at 12 p.m.

Here are a few quick hits and observations from this morning.

-- Though the voters only trickled in at some locations around town in the first few hours after the polls opened, election day started out with a bang. Literally.

A head-on collision outside the , the Precinct 7 polling place in Lexington, shut down a portion of Grove Street. However, there were no injuries sustained in the accident and police and fire personnel directed traffic so as to allow residents to carry out their civic duty, an officer on scene said.

-- Around 8 a.m. this morning, the publicity team for Jill Stein, the hometown Green Party presidential hopeful, said she would be arriving in Lexington sometime today, but they weren't sure when, where or whether she'd be voting.

-- Though he's uncontested on the ballot, Selectman Peter Kelley could face a kinda, sorta serious challenge for his seat. Late last night, Noah Coolidge, the student rep on the School Committee, tweeted that he was running a write-in campaign for the Board of Selectmen.

Reached by Patch, Coolidge said he was "somewhat" serious about his bid for the BOS, but what he really wanted to do was steal some votes to send a message to Kelley for opposing a significant renovation project for the and schools. 

Posted at 11 a.m.

Super Tuesday has more than one meaning today in Lexington.

In addition to the Commonwealth's presidential primary coming in conjunction with those of Ohio, Georgia, Vermont, Virginia, Oklahoma and Tennessee, plus caucuses in Idaho, North Dakota and Alaska, today is Lexington's annual Town Elections.

There's an abundance of election-related information on the town website, but if you missed it there, we're happy to help.

Here's a list precinct polling locations:

Precinct Location Address  Precinct 1    1605 Mass Ave   Precinct 2  9 Philip Road  Precinct 3    7 Stedman Road   Precinct 4    55 Middleby Road   Precinct 5    1605 Mass Ave    Precinct 6    99 Hancock Street   Precinct 7    117 Grove Street  Precinct 8      201 Bedford Street   Precinct 9    7 Crosby Road 

Not sure about your precinct? Here's a list of new precinct boundaries. And maybe check out a specimen ballot before you go.

While the Republican race gets most of the national pub, there's a local connection to the Green-Rainbow ticket here in Lexington as resident Jill Stein is not only on the ballot, but has .

And on the town ballots, there area few conteted races for Town Meeting membership, but the only contest for elected office is for , where faces off against Weidong Wang of Reed Street.


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