What are Your Expectations for Barrett as the 3rd Middlesex's State Senator?

A Boston Phoenix blog post casts the Lexington Democrat as ‘an unapologetic liberal’ committed to environmental gains. But what are your expectations from the Third Middlesex District's incoming state Senator?

In Lexington and the surrounding suburbs, quite a bit of attention was paid to the race for the Third Middlesex state Senate seat claimed by Mike Barrett.

So much so in fact that, in the lead up to Election Day, incumbent joked he was Lexington's other candidate for state Senate, despite the fact that his Fourth Middlesex District includes six Lexington precincts compared to the three in the Third.

But for those looking at the bigger picture, it seems the Third Middlesex race—with its densely populated Democratic primary and polar opposites facing off in the general—may have been lost in the shuffle of higher profile races, like former Gov. Mitt Romney’s run for the presidency and the hotly contested Brown-Warren battle for U.S. Senate.

Not so any more.

Earlier this week, Boston Phoenix political writer David Bernstein posted a “Meet the Freshman class” piece to his Talking Politics blog. In it, he features three incoming state Senators who claimed open seats and calls them “The Young Gun,” “The Returning Liberal” and “The Leslie Knope.”

An aside: Supporters of Barrett likely will be pleased to hear he’s not the Leslie Knope. Might be too early to tell if he’s a Ron Swanson either, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

With his election to the Third Middlesex state Senate seat, Barrett returns to the state Senate after 18 years in the private sector. He bested four other area Dems in the primary and then Chelmsford Republican Sandi Martinez on Nov. 6. It’s also worth noting he .

Unsurprisingly, Bernstein, known for his smarts and snark, casts Barrett as the “Returning Liberal.” He also hits on some of Barrett’s campaign points, like environmental leadership, cost containment and a gas tax.

Bernstein writes:

Barrett is also committed to environmental gains – he is having solar panels installed on his own house – and believes that voters are ahead of the state government in recognizing the importance of the issue.

“Global warming and climate change are much more potent to working-class and middle-class people than you might think,” Barrett says. “The environmental constituency in Massachusetts doesn’t know its own strength.”

Bernstein also writes that he expects Barrett “to find common cause with liberal nearby-district senators,” including Acton Democrat Jamie Eldridge and Patricia Jehlen of Medford.

With that in mind, we want to know, What do you expect out of Mike Barrett as your incoming state Senator?

x November 30, 2012 at 08:00 PM
Barrett will demonstrate the perils of climate change by exhaling excessive amounts of hot air on this subject and others. I expect his agenda to include numerous new taxes and other schemes for redistributing wealth. Barrett will continue the rich and mindless tradition of Susan Fargo. Lord help us. Reverend E. Raleigh Pimperton III
Dinesh December 01, 2012 at 02:42 AM
I think mike by virtue of his experience in business and entrepreuer sector after working in state house is a sign of freshness of ideas from bottom up How to create jobs , how to stimulate buisness , and his knoweldge in heslth care -- connected health will help the district and state . Better help him understand the needs and act and make difference rather than label him of any one Every person has all the labels described by author of article but give or take he is going to be a good listener and actor to help Best wishes. Dinesh Patel


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