An Update on the Estabrook School Road Access Project

On Monday, Sept. 24, the Board Selectmen heard from the firm handling the designs for the Estabrook School road access project to improve vehicle and pedestrian traffic safety in the area.


Beta Group, a construction and urban development firm, is currently working on a preliminary design plan for Estabrook School road access improvements expected to voted upon at a special town meeting on Monday, November 19.

Ken Ho of Beta Group went before the Board of Selectmen on Monday, Sept. 24, to detail the current draft-design the firm is working on. Ho listed three key elements of the design that he said will “provide significant safety improvements for both drivers and pedestrians.”

The Three Key Areas

First, Ho said improvements to the “T-intersection” of the Estabrook driveway include Grove Street being smoothed out and aligned to allow safer transition when entering the intersection. Ho also explained that the design plan to remove a “hump [curve in the road] that creates a sight-line issue” further down Grove Street past the three-way intersection. Ho pointed out that the T-intersection and road will still only feature one lane in and out of the school, but will make for a safer intersection for kids crossing Grove Street and aid in preventing “queuing spill-back on Grove Street” during pick ups and drop offs.

Secondly, Ho explained the changes that the plan makes at the corner of Robinson Road and Grove Street, which is down the road from the school. Ho explained that removing the “skewness” of the intersection would aid in line of sight for drivers making it “easier to look to your left and right” when approaching the island that separates the roads and will prevent people from “blowing through the intersection.”

Thirdly, Ho detailed the draft plan's design to add a sidewalk along the northerly side of Robinson Road (opposite the utility poles) near the back entrance to the school that will continue onto Grove Street. Ho explained that this would allow for safer foot traffic. Ho also recommended adding a stop sign at the end of Turning Wheel Road where it meets Robinson to slow traffic as it nears the school.

Although these plans won't be put into any kind of effect until they are potentially approved at the special Town Meeting in the fall, the town's Engineering Department explained they are hoping to get the preliminary design plans from Ho up on the Town's website within a few days.

Hank Manz September 27, 2012 at 01:27 PM
That's Board OF Selectmen, by the way. I wouldn't want anybody to mishear and think we were bored Selectmen. The job is always interesting and we are always wide awake ... honest ...


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