PHOTOS: LHS Touring Choir Catches Up with Cantata Singers

As the LHS Touring Choir gears up for its 2012 concert tour and trip to Estonia, Cantata Singers shared music and insight about Estonian composers.

As the Lexington High School Touring Choir gears up for its 2012 concert tour in Scandinavia, the students caught up with the Cantata Singers at a rehearsal last Thursday night at First Church in Cambridge.

The Cantata Singers, led by Music Director/Conductor David Hoose, used its Jan. 19 rehearsal as a teaching moment for the 60ish student and shared music, knowledge and history about Estonian composers, specifically offering insight about the significance of Arvo Pärt’s work as an Estonian composer on the world stage.

Prep for the big trip is well underway.

Back in November, members high school’s select ensembles—including the madrigal singers and an a cappella group—were to raise money for the tour.

According to choral director Jason Iannuzzi, the trip would send about 80 students from the l choral program traveling to Finland, Sweden and Estonia this spring at upwards of $3,500 per student.

At the time, Iannuzzi said about one-fourth of students were seeking partial aid for the trip, and organizers aimed to raise enough money to lower the price for other students and chaperones.


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