Town Elections: Candidates Names, Contested Races and Reprecincting's Impact

A few days after the Jan. 17 deadline for Lexington residents to submit nomination papers for elected office, Town Clerk Donna Hooper shared her preliminary listing of candidate names.

Following last Tuesday's deadline for candidates seeking elected office or Town Meeting membership in Lexington's annual town election to submit nomination papers, two precincts are still short for Town Meeting candidates.

On Friday, Jan. 20, Town Clerk Donna Hooper provided a preliminary listing of candidate names on the ballot. This list -- which is posted in PDF form over to your right -- shows several contested races, while a few precincts are still searching for folks to become Town Meeting members. 

“Precinct 3 and 7 are both one candidate short,” Hooper said in an email. “Those positions would have to be filled by write-in or precinct caucus before town meeting begins.”

According to Hooper’s preliminary listing, Precinct 3 needs nine candidates and has eight. The seven receiving the highest number of votes will serve three-year terms and the two candidates receiving the next highest number of votes would fill unexpired terms ending in March 2013.

In advance of the Jan. 17 deadline to submit papers, , which lost four members due to reprecincting, which shuffled six Town Meeting members from precincts 1, 2, 3 and 4. In order to remain Town Meeting members, those six were required to run as incumbents in their new precincts.

Precinct 7 has six candidates to fill seven openings. Meanwhile, there are several contested races for Town Meeting. Precincts 4 and 5 both have eight candidates vying for seven slots. Precinct 8 has nine candidates for seven slots and Precinct 9 has a real boon, with 11 candidates for seven slots.

There are also contested races for two town offices – School Committee and Housing Authority, while Selectman Peter Kelley, Town Moderator Deborah Brown and Planning Board members Richard Canale and Gregory Zurlo are all running unopposed for reelection.

In , newcomer has thrown his hat into the ring against incumbents Jessie Steigerwald and Mary Ann Stewart, the current chair. 

In the Housing Authority contest, Daniel McCabe and Weidong Wang are vying for a seat vacated by a retiring member. 


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