VIDEO: The Cup Stops Here

Bruins Coach Claude Julien, who has lived in Lexington since joining the Bs in 2007, brought the Stanley Cup to the Lexington Police Station for photo ops with the folks who serve his community.

Boston Bruins Coach Claude Julien and the Stanley Cup spent Wednesday afternoon at the

Julien, who has lived in town since joining the Bs in 2007, brought the Cup to the station because they thought the people who serve the community deserve the chance to see it.

From about noontime through 2 p.m., members of the LPD, and , along with members of their immediate families, filed through the LPD. Some got up close and personal with the Cup, while others cautioned young hockey players not to touch it, lest they curse their chances of claiming the NHL championship one day.

“It doesn’t get old. Winning the Cup doesn’t get old, but sharing it with people doesn’t get old either,” said Julien. “We live here in Lexington, and the Lexington police, firemen and Post Office people that serve our community I thought deserve that opportunity.”

It was among the final stops for the Cup as the Bruins championship tour winds to a close and the team prepares for the official start of camp next Friday.

At the police station, the Cup was placed on a sturdy table without wheels, a precaution taken to prevent a repeat of last week, when Lord Stanley's Cup tumbled from a table in Newfoundland.

The Cup has almost fully recovered from its fall, and final repairs will be done when it goes in to be engraved, according to a member of the Stanley Cup security squad.

Denise J. Dubé September 07, 2011 at 06:46 PM
I love that its seatbelted!
Juice September 09, 2011 at 01:18 PM
Why doesn't someone let people know where the Cup will be so that fans that don't have an inside connection to the bruins team can come see the Cup. Unless you know a player or someone who works for the team, you have no chance to see the cup in person. I spent 3 hours waiting to get into Boston for the parade, then I get stuck in the crowd and by the time I make it to the parade route the Cup was gone by. The worst trip into Boston of my entire life. I would like just one chance to get a picture of it or to just see it in person without having to fight a crowd.
Patrick Ball (Editor) September 09, 2011 at 01:44 PM
Hi Bruce, Thank you for reading and commenting. While I can't speak for 99 percent of Cup appearances, I can tell you that this particular instance was kept pretty quiet because it took place at the Police station and Coach Julien wanted to be certain the police, firefighters and postal workers in his town got a chance to see the Cup. -Patrick Ball Editor, Lexington Patch


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