11th Annual Cary Library Truck Day in Lexington

Kids, young and old, inspected the town's transportation and official equipment.

Some youngsters are fascinated with police cars, fire trucks, Department of Public Works machinery and buses. satiated that fascination with its 11th annual Library Truck Day, held within its parking lot on Friday, July 13.

“All the officials are enthusiastic about it.” Children’s Department Head Ruth Lynn said of the , , and drivers who attended – and brought cruisers, fire trucks, DPW machinery and a LexPress bus. 

Police Officer Chris Collins opened all the doors to a cruiser and let children climb in and out. Better still, he showed them how the lights and siren worked.

Police Officer Aidan Evelyn, dressed in his motorcycle gear, let children sit on his motorbike and have their pictures taken.

Firefighter Bob Cunha helped children play on the fire truck as he spoke. It was, he said, unusually busy from its 8 a.m. opening to the noon closing. There was only a small lull around 11:30 a.m.

Even then children were scrambling on and off the DPW’s trucks and in and outside the blue LexPress transport.

“This year we had 511 children, parents, grandparents and preschool teachers attending,” Lynn said an hour after the closing.

Every year she invites the police, fire, Department of Public Works and LexPress to participate in Library Truck Day.

“It’s once a year on a Friday in mid-July,” Lynn said. “The children love it. It’s our best attended program of the year.”

Mark your calendars for next year!


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