Join Lexington's Burning of the Tea

Did you know there was a Lexington "Tea Party" before the Boston Tea Party?

Lexington's Burning of the Tea - Courtesy Photo
Lexington's Burning of the Tea - Courtesy Photo
Participate in a community event that will take you back to the days leading up to the Revolutionary War. 

The city's second re-enactment of Lexington's Burning of the Tea is scheduled for Saturday starting at 3 p.m. at Munroe Tavern, 1332 Massachusetts Avenue. 

"In 1773 the townspeople of Lexington had probably the first 'Tea Party,' three days before the famous Boston Tea Party, when citizens gathered on the town common to burn their English tea and read a resolution of boycott," the event post states. 

Tea will be provided, but everyone is welcome to bring their own.

Call the Lexington Historical Society at 781-862-1703 or visit their website (www.lexingtonhistory.org) for more info.


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