Hank Manz
After high school while my peer group was either going to college, going to work, or going to jail, I joined the Navy where I worked with electronics and learned about SCUBA diving.  After I got out, I went back to college to learn more about computers.  Worked for a couple of software startups as an IT guy and along the way managed some interesting projects.  A few years ago I started doing online slide shows about things around me, focusing mainly on Lexington which led, naturally now that I think about it, to writing a column for Patch which lasted long enough to make me realize I liked it.
Influences include having Betty Lou Blumberg for high school English, Dorothy M. Johnson (The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance) and Leslie A. Fiedler (wildman journalism pre-Hunter S. Thompson) for college English, and being one of the many volunteers who make up Lexington government. The only regret about being in town government is that there are so many stories you can’t tell ...
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