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Naz Kupelian is a celebrity hair stylist based in Lexington, MA. With over 20 years experience in the hair industry, Naz frequently travels the country to various cities such as Los Angeles and Miami for hair shows and conventions on behalf of the RUSK© design team. This year, Naz unveiled the 2011 Rusk Global Inspiration Collection, three new hair styles that are based on three of the world’s Alpha Cities. The collection embraces advanced coloring and cutting techniques that will challenge and captivate even the most seasoned pros. At hair shows, he educates and inspires hairstylists on the latest hair cutting techniques and services and demonstrates how to perform them efficiently. He has been invited all over the world including: London, New Zealand and Australia. Naz has also participated in various fashion weeks in Miami and New York, styling for celebrities and for shows such as the TV Guide Network and the Emmy Awards.
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